About Hugo Codex

“Hugo Codex wants to make it easier for you to choose for Hugo in your next project.”

For front-end developers

Hugo Codex is created by Joost van der Schee ( @jhvanderschee or jhvanderschee@gmail.com) to make it easier for fellow front-end developers to choose for static web technology in their next project. The getting started guide even shows how to do that without touching the command-line. If you want to know more about Hugo, please visit the official Hugo documentation. The link can be found in the menu at the top.

Why Hugo?

Hugo is the fastest popular static site generator. Static sites are better for performance, they’re cheaper to build and maintain, and they’re much more secure than traditional database driven websites. Thus offering a great added value for front-end developers and their clients.

Feel free to use all code on this website. The code of the website itsself may also be used, as this website is a demo of the code it presents. However, respect the copyright of the used trademarks and the licenses of the open-source software used, as their rights belong to their respective owners. All images are CC0 images from Unsplash.